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Foundation Governors (appointed by the Diocese of Brentwood)

Mr K Wilson  
Mr K Vanancio  
Mrs M Gallagher
Fr Joseph
Mr K Doogan  
Miss D Mars  

Acting Headteacher Governor
Mrs H Craft

School Staff Governors (elected by school staff)
Miss C Manios

Parent Governor (elected by the parents)

Mr P Salisbury – Chair
Mrs C Gabrasadig  

Representative Governor (appointed by Barking and Dagenham Local Authority) Vacancy

The main responsibilities of the Governors include the appointment of staff, admission of children to the school and control of the budget. They meet formally at least twice a term.

Please click on the link to view Governor's attendance.

Governor's Fund

As a voluntary aided school the governors are responsible for financing some of the costs of maintenance of the buildings, for improvement and insurance works. In order to assist our Governors to discharge these responsibilities parents are asked to contribute to the Governor's Fund.
The suggested contribution for parents is £20 annually. The support of the parents is much appreciated.