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News & Events 2017-18

Sports for Schools Athlete visit - Theo Spalding-McIntosh

On Thursday 6th October British, St Vincent’s was fortunate to have two British athletes visit. Theo Spalding-McIntosh, five times British Champion, European Cup Medallist, Commonwealth Champion and 1st place Heart of England Champion in Judo, and Nathan Fox, Schools Champion and 2010 (Under 23) England Champion, 2012 silver medallist at the National championships and a finalist at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games in Triple Jump came to get our children motivated to take part in sport.

Children from Reception up to Year 6 took part in exercises led by our visiting athletes and everyone had a great time. At the end of the exercises, everyone gathered in the hall for an assembly led by Theo. He shared stories from his youth, what it was like to join Judo and how much he loves his sport even though it is hard work at times. We wish our visiting athletes continued success in their sports and thank them for coming to inspire us to take up sports.


JJ Jegede

On Wednesday 5th October, the junior classes were treated to a visit from British long jumper JJ Jegede. His visit began with an inspirational assembly, telling us how his teacher from Barking Abbey saw his potential to go far in athletics and how much work and dedication JJ then put into his training to achieve his goals. He is involved in the Metropolitan Police's Met Track scheme, as well as Sky's Living For Sport campaign. JJ is now running a new athletics club in the Borough, Arise Stars Track Academy at Jim Peters Stadium, and has invited our school to come down to the stadium on Saturday 8th October to take part in a free taster session with top athletes from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm with the hope that some of our students will join the weekly club.


Cross Country Championship

62 Children from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in the Cross Country Championship Wednesday 5th October at Mayesbrook Park with over 1000 other children from across the Borough. After running 1 mile (Year 3 and 4) and 1.5 miles (Year 5 and 6), every child crossed the finish line exhausted but with a smile on their face knowing that they performed to the best of their ability. The Year 4 girls performed extremely well, securing a bronze medal in the group standings. We are extremely proud of everyone's perseverance and personal achievements in this event. 


Celebrating children's work around the school - please click on the link to view.

World Book Day

Chain Reaction Theatre

Chain Reaction Theatre visited the school on Thursday 25th February. They presented a show called Keepin it Cool, all about conflict and resolution and how to deal with very frustrating situations that might cause some anger.  The characters in the play gave the children some skills to deal with anger in a positive way to ensure that everyone’s feelings are taken into account. Year 4 were lucky enough to take part in the workshop where they used drama to find solutions to conflicts that they may encounter.  

I really liked when Anger Man kept getting phone calls from famous people. I learnt that even famous people have trouble controlling their feelings of being upset and need some help at times too.  – George Y4

What I found helpful was when they said it is ok to be angry and to calm down we need to breathe in and out for 5 seconds, relax and then say sorry. – Breanna Y4

Cross Country competition

40 children from Year 4, 5 and 6 took part in the borough Cross Country competition. They were all very excited to have been given the opportunity to race for their school. The children had to run for approximately 1.3 miles in Mayesbrook Park and everyone showed great perseverance, respect and team spirit.

News & Events 2014-15

Maths workshop - please click on the link to view the document.

Year 5 and 6 residential trip to Fairplay House.

On Wednesday 22nd April, Year 5 and 6 went to Fairplay House Outdoor Education Centre in Witham, Essex.

DAY 1- click to view

Fairplay House - Lunchtime


The High Ropes


The Swing

The night walk

The children have all thoroughly enjoyed their first day. Mrs Gallagher said, 'really excited children enthusiastically worked on each activity. Heights were scaled and depths explored.'


DAY 2 - click to view







St Vincent's children took part in the Marie Curie Little Pots of Care campaign.

Safety week

St Vincent’s’ School had Safety Week from 23rd to 27th February 2015. During this week the children explored e-safety, anti-bullying, fire safety, road safety, travel safety and health and well-being. Many visitors came to share their expertise with us. They were very impressed with the way the children listened and the level of understanding they showed.
Ian Hopper who led our Anti- Bullying workshops on Wednesday emailed to say it was a pleasure to work with St Vincent’s children. He was also very impressed with the strong number of parents that attended the parent work shop.

Anti- Bullying Day - Led by Ian Hopper
Wednesday 25th February 2015

Ian came to Reception to talk to us about our friends, games we play and our feelings. We told him that good friend’s play together. He asked us who we go to if we have a problem that makes us sad.

This is what we said:
Jayden-'We have feelings-happy, sad, angry ones. We can talk to adults. Adults are grown-ups’.
Maryann- 'Good friends play together'
Aderayo- 'Good friends can play together and stay together.'
Grace A-'Good friends share their toys.'
Kasey- 'Riley and I play it together. I catch him.'
George- ‘Talk to the teacher if you are sad’.
Chisom-'You can talk to your Granddad if you are sad.'
Solomon-'Mum and Dad are the best to listen to.'
Cuan-'Your teacher is a good one to talk to.'

Year 3 learnt that there is more than one type of bullying.

Year 4 had the opportunity to talk with Ian Hopper about issues relating to anti-bullying. The children were given a scenario and then asked about how they would feel in that situation.
Mr. Hopper then went on to explain the different types of bullying, what bullying means and what to do if you or a friend are being bullied.

Health and Wellbeing Day
Thursday 26th February 2015

Our school nurse, Nurse James, came to talk to the nursery children.

She told us about eating healthy food; how to look after our teeth; how to keep fit and active and how we can go to see the doctor when we are unwell.

Today the school Nurse, Juliet came to visit Reception Class. Juliet asked us questions about nurses and then Juliet told us about keeping healthy by eating healthy foods and doing exercise, brushing our teeth, staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The children were interested in knowing the role of a nurse and were able to share some of their own knowledge about eating healthy and exercise and ways to keep safe.

Juliet asks: Where do we find Nurses? How do we stay warm and stay safe in the sun?
These are the replies:

Solomon: "A Midwife takes your blood when you're having a baby."
Jayden: "When you vomit in class you go to the hospital so they can look after us."
Grace. A: If you don't put your winter things on you'll get sick."
Aderayo: "You will have to go to the doctors if you don't wear your hats, scarves and coats."
Jayden: "You get healthy if you eat and drink well"

The police came to speak to Year 1

This is what Nathan and Gigi said about the visit.
Nathan - The bullet proof vest was really heavy but I'm really strong!
Gigi - I loved trying on the different hats that the police have to wear. I learnt a lot about the different things the police do.

Year 1 and 2 really enjoyed learning about our health and wellbeing. We loved learning about all the different types of nurses who look after and care for us if we are not feeling well. We learned about how it is important to eat healthy and how medicines can help us fight sickness.

Year 4 had an extremely interesting lesson with local policemen on the effects of alcohol to themselves and others. They worked in pairs and groups to discuss the negative impacts that alcohol abuse can have.

Transport Police - Bike Marking
Friday 27th February 2015

On Friday 27th February the Transport Police visited St Vincent’s School and registered children’s bikes on the Bike Register Database. By registering and marking your bike, the chances of having it stolen are greatly reduced.


The E-safety Day.

Two Metropolitain Police officers came to discuss e-safety matters with Year 1 to Year 6. The children learnt about the importance of keeping personal information private, what cyberbullying is and how to report it and how we behave online leaves a digital footprint.

Previous year 2014

St Vincent's Day Celebrations

Year 6 Camping

Year 6 and teachers setting up their tents

Year 6 and teachers setting up their tents


Year 6 and teachers setting up their tents

Year 6 and teachers setting up their tents

Year 6 and teachers setting up their tents

Year 6 and teachers setting up their tents

pitching tents/ team work

habitat finds

habitat finds

bug sweep in meadow

what lives in trees?

What have we found?

tennis champ


girls together

the staff enjoyed themselves too

the staff enjoyed themselves too


relaxing and fed!

relaxing and fed!





"It was a great experience and I learnt so much." - Runo

"I had a great time because I didn't realise how special Barking Park was." - Teddy

"I liked gathering around the campfire." - Mikhaella

"I enjoyed exploring and finding new creatures." - Josephine

"I had a great time experiencing my first time sleeping in a tent." - Marek

"Cooking the marshmallows over the fire was amazing." - Flynn

"Orienteering was fun, even though it was maths." - Olivia.


Book Week



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