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Sportshall Athletics – February 4th

30 children from Years 5 and 6 took part in a variety of indoor track and field events. We are very proud of their perseverance throughout and their team spirit. 



“I enjoyed taking part in the 100 meter race and other events and competing against other schools.” – Annabel

“Everything about the athletics competition was really fun and I got to compete against some of my friends who are at another school.” - Philip


CMS Band – January 29th

We always look forward to the Community Music Service Band’s visit. The band played many popular songs we all recognised and sang along to and they taught us about the different instruments they played for us.



“The band were in time when they were playing the music. The music made me feel happy.” – Jimmy

“I learnt what different instruments can do. I also enjoyed how we used our hands as instruments in some songs.” – Divine

“I liked the song Havana ooo nan na! The drums were good too.” - Antonia


Road Safety – January 17th

Allan’s Road Safety Magic Show was extremely informative for all children in the school. They learnt some important lessons about keeping safe on the road and the importance of STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK!

“It was so cool because it was magical but it also helped me understand about road safety. I know how to keep myself safe.” – Brandon

“I have learnt that lots of people have died because they don’t stop, look listen and think.” – Gabriella

“I learnt how important it is to be seen near a road. I can wear a high-vis jacket so I can be seen.” - Jeshuah


Christmas Hampers – December 20th

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who bought tickets for the Christmas hampers and to the staff who generously contributed towards them. Everyone wanted to be a winner however there were only four to give away.  Congratulations to: Zahid, Aaron , Carlo and Emilija.


Christmas Assembly – December 20th

A favourite Christmas tradition at St Vincent’s is to gather on the last day before the Christmas holidays to listen to the story of our Lord’s birth around the Christmas Wreath. Children from Year 6 read scripture passages and we sing some of our favourite songs from the Infant Nativity play and the Junior Carol Service.


Junior Carol Service – December 18th

St Vincent’s KS2 Carol Service was once again a ‘resounding’ success! Oh! Our little town of Dagenham was definitely not still or silent tonight. The children raised the roof with their singing and brought the Christmas story to life through the tableau.



Christmas Lunch – December 18th

Father Christmas and his elf came to visit KS1 during their Christmas Lunch. All children were excited the visitors stopped by.

“I loved Christmas dinner because the food was lovely. It was funny when Father Christmas (who was really Josh!) and his helper (Callum!) came to visit!” - Lilly

“Santa Claus let me have all his candy. It was fun” - Nathan


Anti-Bullying Workshop – November 26th

OpenView Education visited us today to help us all become an Upstander – someone who stands up against bullying. After a whole school assembly on Anti-Bullying, children took part in workshops to learn more about bullying, how to deal with bullying situations and acting out situations in which we can all be upstanders!



“I really enjoyed the anti-bulling assembly and workshop and I learnt how important it is to be an upstander, not a bystander.” – Louis


4v4 Basketball – November 8th

Twelve children from Year 5 and Year 6 took part in the 4v4 Basketball competition at Eastbury Comprehensive School. They represented our school well with great team spirit and perseverance.



“We had lots of fun competing against other schools and we won two games.” – Liam
“We competed against different schools and it was very fun to take part in this event and see how we did against other schools.” - Jameel


Wild Science - November 1st

Sarah from Wild Science spoke to all children about the interesting and amazing animals she brought in. All classes had a workshop and the opportunity to touch a variety of animals like: a hissing cockroach, a white tree frog, a corn snake and a gerbil. An experience most of us will not forget!





“I was surprised that the snake felt very smooth and cold to touch.” – Luca
“My favourite part was getting to touch the snake because I’ve never done that before.” – Alex
“I liked the scorpion the best although we did not get to touch it.” – Rich
“When the scorpion was in the light, I could see its exoskeleton, which was cool!” - Nicholas


Youth Cultural Conference – October 5th

Four children from Year 6 had the opportunity to take part in the Youth Cultural Conference where they met with other students from across the borough to share their views and ideas on how we can be more involved in cultural events.

“It was really fun to meet children from other schools in the borough and build some of London’s landmarks.” – Derrick

“The community of Barking and Dagenham came together to discuss our cultural differences and how to get more children involved in community activities. It was fun because we got to see deeper into the community and discover more about what we didn’t already know.” - Chelsea

MacMillan Coffee Morning – October 2nd

After Mass on today, St Vincent’s hosted a MacMillan Coffee Morning where parents and family enjoyed cake and tea in the school hall. The school children bought cakes to enjoy with their families and all donations went to a worthy cause.



St Vincent’s Day – September 27th

Happy St Vincent de Paul Feast Day! The school is full of action today – KS1 Multi-skills competition, KS2 Benchball competition, a picnic lunch on the playground and ice lollies – all in celebration of our Patron Saint.



“The benchball games were loads of fun and it was an exciting experience.” - Gigi


St Vincent's Day and Lunch Festivities

We had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating St Vincent’s Day. The sun shone for our picnic and sporting events.The Year 6 buddies helped their Reception buddies with this new experience. In the morning Year 1 and Year 2 took part in a skipping and a target throwing competition. The overall winners were St Therese. In the afternoon, Year 3-6 took part in a bench ball competition. Well done to St Therese,yet again!




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