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Class teacher: Mrs F. Redpath Nursery Nurse:Mrs A.Jukonis  TA: Mrs M.Carter 



Archive 2016-17

Teacher – Mrs Redpath
Nursery Nurse – Mrs Jukonis
Teaching Assistant – Mrs Elcock


Archive 2015 - 16

November 2015

The children were delighted to receive a new outdoor kitchen, kindly donated by the 'Friends of St. Vincent's.' Cup cakes, birthday cakes and savoury dishes are among the things being created. A big thank you from everyone!

Christmas 2015

We had an enjoyable time decorating Christmas baubles with different types of sparkly glitter and festive stickers. The children then decorated the Christmas tree in the school hall with their finished baubles.

October 2015


This term the Nursery children have been enjoying playing with their
new friends.

We have been sharing the toys and taking turns.

We have had fun learning when we have been inside and also when we have been out in the Nursery garden.

2014-15 from the archives

Lego Duplo Bricks

We helped to build tall towers
with the Duplo bricks. We shared
and took turns; nursery teamwork.

At the Sand Tray

There's damp sand in the sand tray today. The children are filling their sand moulds, patting them down
and lifting them up to reveal what they have made. There's plenty of time to talk with a friend too.

A Rainy Day

We get outside in the nursery garden in different types of weather. When it rains we wear
our wellington boots, waterproof jackets and trousers.

Mark-making in Foam.

We use our fingers, hands and brushes to make marks in the white foam on the large tray.
We can make lines, circles, swirls and zig-zags.

Decorating the Nursery Christmas Tree

All the children in the nursery helped to decorate the nursery Christmas tree with baubles, tinsel and stars



The girls and boys in the nursery class enjoy being outside in the garden with their friends.

They are learning to share and take turns.

The nursery children like looking at different types of books.

They listen to stories and also find out about the world they live in from information books.