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Class teacher: Miss M.Herring Nursery Nurse:Miss C.McEwen TA: Mrs R.Okyere-Sarfo









Archive 2016 - 17

Class teacher Miss Herring and support staff Miss McEwen and Mrs Okyere-Sarfo

Archive 2015 - 16

We selected and used our class cameras to take photos of our friends and learning environment.We also loved talking to each other about the photos.

Max, the puppet is an extra member of our class.He helps us to know what we are learning and loves to join us during outdoor play too.

I love being ME!Superheroes and princesses in our Indoor roleplay area.

Our Builder's Shed is open and the avid builders are at work!

2014-15 from the archives

On Friday 30th January 2015,Ruth Thomas from the National Dog’s Trust visited the Reception Class. She brought her dog called Fudge with her.
She taught us about caring for our dogs.
She had a special bag with surprises in it.

Zoe-Marie took out a ‘poop bag’. Ruth told us that we have to always pick up our dog’s poo and put it in a bin.
Vanessa pulled out a stethoscope. Chigozirim said that a vet was a doctor for animals.

Nicholas pulled out a tin of dog food. Ruth told us that dogs have to be fed twice a day.
David pulled out a leash. He said that dogs need a walk. Ruth said that in rain, snow, cold and heat they need exercise.

Marvin took out the shampoo and a brush. ‘Fudge has short hair so we have to use ‘the soft side of the brush’’ said Solomon. Dogs need a regular bath to keep clean.

Bonnie had a lot of answers for Ruth. Bonnie pulled out toys from the bag. Ruth told us that dogs need toys to play with as they can be bored.

Some of us were scared of Fudge. At the end, Ruth got Divine, Elyssa, Glory and Cuan to come up and let Fudge smell their hands and they could stroke her.

Reception class wore Christmas jumpers to collect money for the Brentwood Catholic Children's Society.They wore their colourful jumpers to share Christmas dinner with their year 6 buddies too.

The Reception class surprised their parents this Christmas.They made special cards with a Christmassy photo of themselves on the front.They wrote a special message to their parents and then they walked to  the Green Lane Post Office to secretly mail the cards.Lots of Mums and Dads were very pleased with these special cards.

We went to Goodmayes Park on Friday 12th December.We swung, jumped, climbed, slid, took turns on the equipment.After enjoying our trip we went to see the ducks and swans in the lake in the park.

We made our own special Easter cards.  We sealed the envelope, put on the stamp... and walked to the post office and posted our very special Easter cards to surprise our Mums and Dads!

Previous year events - 2013-2014

In our RE lesson, Father George told us about the special parts of the Mass and the special places in the church.



As part of our RE lessons, Mrs Carter visited our class with her son to tell us all about caring for a baby.

We had lots of questions and advice for her.


Friday 22nd November- A day of climbing, swinging,hanging,running and discovery in Goodmayes Park.