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Much of a child's learning comes from experiences out of school as well as in. In this section Teachers and Parents can find useful links to resources and learning materials to support child's learning. Please click on the relevant user group to view them.

Cartoon picture of the of the music teacher Cartoon picture of the of the music teacher Cartoon picture of the of the music teacher


Maths zone
Nrich mathematics


BBC Teachers
Primary games

Primary resources


NC and what skills will my child learn?

Ofsted - Parent view

Support your child' education

Parent Pay


Words for life


Mastery in Math (Jan 2020)
How to support maths at home
Maths Games and Activities


English and Literacy

Words and Pictures
Literacy Planet


Soccer substraction


Electric - Non-electric
BBC Science clips


Grid club
BBC Bitesize

Healthy Living

Cbeebies - I can cook
Change 4 Life



SEN resources

Do 2 learn
BBC Special needs

Esafety and Safeguarding resources

The virtual world opens up new opportunities for learning, but it also means thinking about new risks. The links below contain information about how teachers and parents can help to make the internet a great and safe place for children.

CEoP | Think you know | Childnet - Know IT All | Kid SMART | BBC - Stay safe online | Get safe online | Safe Met | Parent Zone | Educate against hate | e-safety training resources |

SEN resources

The virtual signer | Do 2 learn | BBC Special needs | Two-hand finger spelling |