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Below is the list of staff (teaching and non-teaching) for the academic year 2015/2016.

Mrs C. Scott

Deputy Headteacher
Mrs H. Craft

Mrs L. Scargill
Miss M. Herring
Mrs S. Raberu
Mrs C. Purkis
Miss C. Manios
Miss S. Gilligan
Mrs J. Wright-Talaie
Mrs F. Redpath Ms A. Logan

Mrs C. Davis
(4 days)
Midday Supervisor
Mrs A. Smith
Midday Assistants
Mrs M. Hearne
Mrs B. Heather
Mrs S. Alwariez
Mrs E. Kola
Mrs L. Winter
Mrs C. Wilkins
Mrs M. Davis

Breakfast Club Assistants
Mr J. Mugenyi
Mrs R. Okyere-Sarfo
Mrs M. Davis

Support Assistants
Mrs J. Yetton
Mrs M. Canny
Mrs D. Wheeler
Mrs T. Deere
Mrs M. Hearne
Mrs A. Smith
Mrs S. Alwariez
Mrs S. Walker
Mrs B.Heather
Mr J. Mugenyi
Mrs R. Okyere-Sarfo
Mrs L. Winter Miss E. Waterman Mrs M. Davis

Nursery Nurse
Miss C. McEwen
Mrs A. Jukonis

Finance Officer
Mrs A. Butt

Admin Officer
Mrs S. Rector

Admin Assistant
Mrs A. Smith
Mrs M Hearne

Mr G. Cassidy

Cook in Charge
Mrs K. Want

Kitchen Staff
Mrs T. Mitchell
Mrs S Choudhury

Mr G. Cassidy
Mrs C. Couzens
Mrs L. Winter

Staff Cover

Occasionally a teacher is absent due to an illness, attending a course, jury service or other important reasons. Sometimes we have notice of this and at other times there is no notice. Our policy is to cover absent teachers by either using other teachers employed at the school, supply teachers or by our own support staff with regular inputs from a teacher.