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Year 2


Class teacher: Miss Gilligan, TA: Mrs Wheeler


Street Detectives - Class assembly 1st February 2019

Our class assembly gave us an opportunity to share our learning with the rest of our school community. The ‘Street Detectives’ topic has encouraged us to learn about our local area and find out about its history. We talked about the special aspects of our local community, and what makes it important to us. As unique members of this community, we can achieve anything together.

“I liked learning about how to look after our local community. I learned about different things like people who help us.” Alyssa


Nativity 12th and 13th December 2018

We worked hard to prepare for our Nativity, in which our class performed the starring roles. We sang beautifully and really enjoyed ourselves too.


“My favourite part of the Nativity was the singing. It’ important to act out the Nativity because it’s when Jesus was born.” Joshua

Visit to St Vincent’s church, 24th January 2018

Holy Books

As part of our learning about holy books, we visited St Vincent’s church and got to explore the books used by the parish family at Mass.

“ I enjoyed getting to stand where the priest stands at Mass. I learned about the holy books we use in church.” Alvin


Making ice cream 9th October 2018

Through our ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’ topic, we followed instructions to make ice-cream, using salt and ice cubes to freeze the mixture very quickly. We really enjoyed eating our creations too!

“Ice cream making was fun – I’ve never done that before!” - Favour



Archive 2016-17

In Year 2 we have had a fun start to our Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic!  We have made coloured, sparkly slime and played with different mixtures. We have explored water to see what happens when we mix it with everyday items like salt, flour and oil.

Archive 2015-16

In Year 2 we are learning about different habitats. We had some fun exploring our school grounds to see what is living here! Can you see what we found?

Archive 2014-15

Year 2 make hot air balloons as part of our IPC Topic Time Travellers.

Year 2 dressed up as part of our whole school celebration of world book day.

Year 2 Roald Dahl poem recital

Year 2 really enjoyed dressing up in all their silly costumes for our St. Vincent's School's silly day. We had a lot of fun raising money for a worthy charity.

We helped to plant and grow pumpkins with our school gardener Tom. We have learned a lot about how pumpkins grow and how to carve a pumpkin. We will be transforming this pumpkin into Cinderella's carriage. Watch this space!

In Year 2 we loved wearing our Christmas clothes for our St. Vincent's Christmas Jumper Day. We had lots of fun and looked very festive!

In Year 2, as part of Science, we are learning all about how plants grow. We planted our very own daffodils and can't wait to see how they grow!

Previous year events - 2013-2014

Visit to a local Harvester

Year 2 had a great visit to The Harvestor. In our IPC topic about food we leart about where food comes from and how it can be cooked. We had a great time seeing how food is prepared and cooked and we even got to eat some food too!

Food topic

As part of our IPC topic Food we also got to set up and run our very own cafe with Year 1! We had lots of fun playing the parts of waiters, customers and chefs.



Year 2's baubles! We had lots of fun decorating and personalising our very own christmas bauble, which was then hung on the St Vincents Family Christmas Tree.


Year 2 went gardening. Our school gardener Tom took us all out to learn more about gardening.We learned about how to be safe when gardening and had lots of fun learning about different plants. We even got to plant our very own plants!