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Year 3


Class teacher: Mrs Allworthy, TA: Mrs Hearne, Mrs Kola, Mrs Wilkins and Mrs Alwariez


Y3 trip to Wellgate Community Farm – Friday 6 th November 2018

As part of our Scrumdiddlyumptious Topic, Year 3 went on a trip to our local community farm in Collier Row. The children were able to handle a variety of animals, groom them and clean their pens.

“I had lots of fun at the farm. We got to hold lots of different animals.” – Jimmy
“I liked when the pony took us for a ride.” - Michael

Around the Farm

Everyone had an opportunity to plant bulbs or tree saplings. They used tools to weed, pull up dead plants and put these on the compost heap. The children were told a lot of information about plants and animals and were quizzed on what they had learnt. A real treat was to have a ride in the pony and trap around the farm.


Archive 2016-17


Archive 2015-16

On Fridays after lunch, we’re lucky enough to have a nutritionist, called Alex, come and speak to us, all about how we can make small changes to have a healthy lifestyle. We’ve learned so much so far, including: all about the ‘Eatwell Plate’, different food groups and how we can spot the difference between refined and unrefined foods. No more chips for us!

After this, we have P.E. with Gregory, a sports coach, who talks to us about keeping fit and active. Gregory also tells us about the kinds of exercises we need to do to burn off different types of greasy and sugary foods. We couldn’t believe how much we have to do to work off a McDonald’s!

In Science we’ve been learning about our changing world, and how amazing plants are. We’ve discovered all the things they need to survive, all the work each parts of a plant does to keep it alive and how it makes seeds. We investigated different types of seeds and how they are dispersed. Did you know that plants cleverly plan out the best way to get their seeds as far away as they need be, to make sure they survive?

In Year 3, we love Thursdays because Tick-Tock comes. Tick-Tock teaches us Drama, and we have so much fun! We play lots of different games and put on shows for our class to help us with our confidence, team building and story-telling. We even had an Alien Parade. Aren’t we creepy aliens!

2014-15 from the archives

Year 3 and 4 Easter performance of Noah and The Rainbow Boat

Fire Brigade visit

"It was fantastic to see all of the equipment in action" - Leonard
"It was such a delight to see the engine" - Antonio
"I was really happy when the sirens went off" - Elizabeth

Year 3 making Christmas wreaths


Year 3 making baubles for St Vincent's Christmas tree.


Year 3 learning about food production and making bread.

Year 3 describing how a bakery works

Year 3 researching about St Vincent

Previous year events - 2013-2014

Year 3 learning about road safety


Our Year 3 scientists discovering fossils on a recent trip to the Natural History Museum.

Year 3 learning about tooth decay.