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Year 4


Class teacher: Miss Logan, TA: Mrs Stewart


Chelmsford Civic Theatre

As part of their literacy learning, Year 4 visited Chelmsford Civic Theatre to see Cinderella.
“I really enjoyed my first trip to such a big theatre. It was nice to see a professional performance.” Mary-Ann



Archive 2016-17


Archive 2015-16

Year 4 have been busy with the topic on Ancient Egypt and found hieroglyphs to be very interesting. We researched what hieroglyphs are, how kings and queens had their names written in cartouches and the importance of the Rosetta Stone. We were very excited about what we learnt that we decided to make our own cartouches. Have a look!

2014-15 from the archives

Year 3 and 4 Easter performance of Noah and The Rainbow Boat

Fire Brigade visit

During safety week Year 4 were given the oppotunity to talk to firemen about the dangers of fire, how to escape from a fire and the protective clothing of the firemen.

Before Christmas the pupils of Year 4 decorated and designed shoe boxes for the local parish bazaar.  The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity where they had the opportunity to help others and bring some welcome joy to their community. 

Visit to the British Museum

Year 4 have been learning about Ancient Egypt and recently visited the British Museum in central London. They had the opportunity to visit the galleries and learn more about this fascinating topic.
They researched many different areas within Ancient Egypt: what was life and death was like for the early Egyptians; what did the Egyptians play with, eat and wear; the materials, techniques, rituals and beliefs of mummification and they decoded scarabs, cartouches and sculptures of Ramesses II.

Previous year events - 2013-2014

This Easter, Year 4 showed off their acting ability in the production of Daniel and the Lions.

IPC Topic

As part of their IPC topic, Year 4 have produced some outstanding 3-D models of dinosaurs. 

The children have worked extremely hard at home and shown their creative side to produce wonderful technical constructions.


Year 4 decorated baubles on Wednesday 25th November, which was organised by The Friends of St Vincent's PTA.  The children had lots of fun doing this activity and enjoyed looking for their friends' finished baubles.