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Year 5


Class teacher: Miss Manios, TA: Mrs Smith and Mrs Winter


Visit to All Saints – February 13th

All Saints invited several primary schools within the borough to attend their dress rehearsal of Hairspray. The children were very excited to get the opportunity to watch a theatre performance during school time and were surprised to find out that it was a production with a strong message of racial equality and body positivity.



“I liked the African Principal who was telling off the students. It was very funny.” - King


Y5 Class Assembly – WWI Centenary - 9th November

Year 5’s Class Assembly commemorated the 100 years since the end of the Great War. The children made poppies for a group collage, recited several poems and learnt about the importance of the moment of silence we observe on Remembrance Day.

“I think it was important to have a moment’s silence during our assembly to remember those who who fought and are still involved in conflict.” - Iyesogie


Canopic Jars

Following our visit to the British Museum, and after learning about the burial rituals of the Ancient Egyptians, the children decided that they should make their own canopic jars. The children designed the look of their jars and then created them out of clay. Many children have shown great skill when making their pottery.



“It was really fun making the canopic jars and I enjoyed painting them. We learnt a lot about the Egyptians.” - Daisy


Y5 trip to the British Museum – November 2, 2018

Year 5 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians this term and everyone was very excited to see real mummies up close and personal at the British Museum. The children had to search the museum high and low for hieroglyphs, statues of gods and pharaohs, mummies, canopic jars and evidence of what life was like in Ancient Egypt.



“I had lots of fun at the museum because I have never experienced seeing ancient artefacts before.” – Gerald

“I liked the part when we were counting all the hieroglyphics because they looked mysterious and I had never seen ancient writing before.” - King


Music Lessons

Every Friday Mr. Roman teaches us new songs, how to read musical notation and theory. This year we are learning to play the J-Sax.



Archive 2016-17

Tree planting

Year 5 visited St Chad's Park, they planted 40 cherry trees. These trees are part of the new edible woodland area created by Trees for Cities.

Archive 2015-16

The STEM Centre

Luke W: I loved making our own rockets, we needed to get the angle correct for a successful launch.

Kenzie: We needed to build our own LEGO robots and then program them to collect rocks on Mars.

Diana: My favourite activty was launching rockets. It was a fun activity, we tried to hit a target, which was very difficult

Russell: At the STEM centre we learnt about how much food astronauts need when in space. It made me think about eating a variety of food types.

Year 5 children learning the clarinet

Year 5 have started to learn how to play the clarinet. We have lessons every Friday, this will continue throughout the year. We will invite parents to a recital later this year.

2014-15 from the archives


MFT:  At the STEM Centre we got to animate ourselves as well as make our own movies. it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Gweneth: It was an extraordinary experience.... Especially the film making! The centre make me feel as if I was in the future.

Year 5 performing The Dentist and the Crocodile by Roald Dahl.

Year 5 cello lessons taught by the LBBD music service.

Year 5 made baubles for the school Christmas tree.

Christmas is a time for friendship.

Year 5 celebrate mass with Fr George

Year 5 made games and models for our IPC topic

Year 5 assembly, a modern take on Ancient Greece

Being inspired as part of our work n the school's core values.

IPC - Newsround

Hard at work in maths lesson.


Our IPC topic was the Brave and the Bold about the Ancient Romans and Greeks. We made models of some of the famous ancient buildings still standing today, from junk we brought into school.
We also developed games based on elements from the ancient cultures myths and legends. Our homework involved researching and making a poster about an aspect of Roman life - some with added extras!

Celebrating our class Mass with Fr George in the Lady chapel.

Previous year events - 2013-2014

Research for IPC



Roald Dahl poem - poetry day

Design and Technology

IPC - masks, myths and legends.


Year 5 have worked closely with Yvonne O'Keefe, on a project about the countryside and the outdoor environment.

The children learned several new skills about how to survive outdoors: building shelters, lighting and cooking on a camp fire and also how to look after wild life in winter by making a bird feeder.

The children enjoyed every moment - even the rain!