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Year 6


Class teacher: Mrs Scargill, TA: Mrs Yetton and Mrs Deere

Year 6 Class Outing

Year 6 enjoyed a day at Valence House this week, they experienced what life was like in the local area during WWII. We had the opportunity to explore the archives, imagine what it was like to be an evacuee, escape to an Anderson shelter during an air raid and even see the remains of an unexploded bomb.
The children were excellent representatives of our school.





All of the children in Year 6 are given a 'buddy' in Reception class, they help them to settle in. These photos show the children enjoying lunch together.

Valence House Museum

Year 6 enjoyed a day at Valence House Museum learning what Britain was like during WWII. We were evacuees, air raid wardens and spent time in an Anderson Shelter. We had a lovely day and learnt a lot.







This term, Year 6 have been studying Science at All Saints. So far they have learned about safety in the lab and used a Bunsen Burner to test irreversible and reversible changes. They have also started investigating the solubility of solutions.





2014-15 from the archives

During our topic on Judaism, Year 6 investigated the celebration of Rosh Hashanah. They had a class tasting of honey, apples and bread





The Year 6 basketball team comprising of Jaiden, Runo, Domos, Dwayne and Jevonte made St Vincents very proud yesterday. St Vincents narrowly missed out on qualifying for the finals.

We look forward to seeing them play (and no doubt win) in the spring competition next year

Previous year events - 2013-2014


This year, Year 6 have been training as young sports leaders. During the Spring term they had the opportunity to practice their skills by running a multiskills competition with Year 1 and 2. They rose to the challenge and showed wonderful leadership and initiative.

Science and PE session at All Saints

Year 6 are currently attending Science and PE sessions at All Saints. In Science they have been completing experiemets and testing wether a material will have a reversible or irreversible change.