Mathematics excitement looks exactly the same for the struggling 11-year olds as it does for the high-flying students in top universities - it combines curiosityconnection makingchallenge and creativity, and usually involves collaboration. These for me are the 5 C's of mathematics engagement.

Dr Jo Boaler

Maths Intent Statement

At St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, we have designed our maths curriculum to maximise the development of every child’s ability and academic achievement. All lessons are taught with the express purpose of developing the whole child, ensuring that they become confident and resilient learners when faced with challenging concepts and problems. Mathematics is about the processes, not solely the answers obtained, therefore teaching the significance of logic, reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking skills are of the utmost importance. By providing opportunities for children to see that maths is a universal language that is used across many disciplines, we aim for students to become more confident in applying their knowledge across the curriculum and working collaboratively to find solutions. Mathematics is all around us and we want our children to confidently apply what they have learnt in real-life situations, be comfortable enough to make mistakes and then challenge themselves to find the correct process that will have a successful outcome.