Safer Internet Day

For Internet safety day, St. Vincent's took part in several activities to improve children's online awareness and safety. 
Reception - History of the internet, and what to do if you see something you don't like.

internet safety reception.pdf

Year 1 discussed pop ups and what causes harm.

safer internet day 6 feb.pdf

 Year 2 learned about Mo and Jaz and what happens with the autoplay function on YouTube and how you do not know what you will watch next. 

Year 3 examined past technologies and what could happen in the future
Year 4 learned what might influence our behaviour online - from clickbait, to pop-up notifications. 
Year 5 created positives and negatives about what influences us online 

y3 and y5 work.pdf


Year 6 had a lively discussion about online behaviour and receiving messages.