Year 3 Roman workshop

Earlier on this term, Year 3 enjoyed a fabulous Roman workshop led by Historic Workshops. We had opportunities to learn about how the Roman Empire developed, the life of a Roman centurion and re-enacted the Battle of the Medway between the Romans and the Britons. Later we took part in an archaeological dig unearthing Roman artefacts and finding evidence to prove their historic past. We finished the day with playing Roman board games against one another, using strategies to attempt to win.
Here are some thoughts shared by our children about the Roman workshop.
Yusra: "On the Roman day, we were learning about the past. We had a box of sand and we used a brush to find artefacts from the past, which we then answered questions about. It was a lot of fun."
Chimdiadi: "We acted out a battle between the Romans and the Britons!"
Xavier: "I had a very good day because we got to play Roman games. There was one called Ludus; it was like Ludo and it was my favourite!"
Blessing: "We got to dress up like Romans, with a shield, dagger and a helmet."