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 A Letter from Mrs Ibrahim

To all of the children in the Nursery,

Hello everyone! I hope you are well. I really miss seeing your lovely faces every morning at the Nursery door. I am so sorry that I didn’t see you in the last week of school but I was feeling poorly and wanted to get better before I saw you again. Sadly, we aren’t coming to school anymore which is such a shame because I would have loved to say goodbye to you all properly. But I am sure that I will see you again before long, and I want you to tell me about all the lovely things that you have done while you have been at home with your mummies and daddies. Maybe you could do some of the things you used to love doing in Nursery like painting and drawing, building lovely things, counting and practising how to write your names.

I know you might want to go outside but we all have to stay at home for a little while to help people who might get sick easily. So don’t forget to be nice to everyone at home and do good sharing, good listening, good talking and good looking. Remember to wash your hands and also remember that all your teachers miss you ever so much and are so proud of you for all the lovely learning and growing you did when you were with us. 

See you soon, 

Mrs Ibrahim

Home Learning

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