Welcome to Nursery. Our teacher is Mrs Rabheru.  Our support staff are Mrs Jukonis and Mrs Alwariez.

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  • Monday 25 January 2021 Nursery are back! We are so happy to welcome the children from Nursery back into the building! They are having a great time playing, learning and catching up on news with their friends and teachers. They have been working hard with Mrs Jukonis and Mrs Carter and have continued our topic of Day and Night. Have a look at this beautiful display they have made showing the differences between Light and Dark, and Day and Night. Well done Nursery!
  • Monday 25 January 2021 Nursery Lockdown Learning Nursery have been busy while they were patiently waiting to come back to school. Our  topic was Light and Shadow, Night and Day, and they have been doing lots of different activities connected with this. They have also been practising their writing and counting regularly. Well done Nursery!
  • Thursday 17 December 2020 Fun at Home The children in the Nursery have been unable to attend school in person for the last two weeks but this has not stopped them learning and having fun. Using Youtube videos, the children have had task ideas and activities sent to them and wasted no time in getting busy. Here are some pictures of some of our Nursery children doing their best to carry on learning from home. 
  • Tuesday 17 November 2020 Reach for the Stars Our full-time nursery children have been learning some new songs and practicing their moves. They have an important message for us...
  • Wednesday 11 November 2020 Nursery have been sewing! We wanted to do something different in the Nursery and so we decided to try sewing! We used felt sheets, wool and a big needle to weave our initials. The children worked with the adults to choose their colours and also helped to pull the strings to make the lovely patterns. Well done Nursery!
  • Wednesday 11 November 2020 Nursery marks Remembrance Day Nursery have been thinking about Remembrance day and why poppies are important. We watched a short video about the poppy fields during the war. Nursery also made some beautiful poppies of their own and had a go at decorating biscuits to look like poppies. All the adults were very proud and impressed with how nicely the children observed the 2 minute silence at 11AM.
  • Friday 2 October 2020 Nursery Gold Stars Well done to Daniel and David in the Nursery who have managed to reach Gold on the behaviour chart. Daniel has been excellent at tidying, sharing and being polite. David has done really well this week listening to instructions as well as saying thank you and sorry. He is getting really good at sitting and listening to the teachers and we are so proud! 
  • Monday 28 September 2020 28.9.20 Nursery have had a busy first few weeks settling in and making new friends. We have been talking about ourselves and our families and learning each others names. We are working very hard practising our numbers and counting lots of different objects. The Nursery children have been brilliant at using different vocabulary to describe the sizes of different objects. The Nursery children have created some beautiful artwork both independently and working with Mrs Carter. They have painted pictures of themselves and drawn their families. They have also made some beautiful stained glass pictures for their prayer corner. In the outdoor area children have been getting lots of exercise by riding bikes, having races and using the climbing frames. All of this activity has been brilliant for starting to develop early skills such as sharing, taking turns, tidying and asking for help.

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