Our Head Boy and Head Girl

Ziora - Head Boy

Dear St. Vincent’s,

This is my application for the important position of Head Boy at St. Vincent’s RC Primary School.
I want to become Head Boy of St. Vincent’s because I am proud of the school and want to represent it in the best way possible, and the way I can do that is by becoming Head Boy. I will not only improve on our school and set a good example, but I will build relationships with everyone and have a growth mind-set.

I am hard-working, loyal and overall a likeable person. I also have experience from being both School Council and Eco Council, so I am the right person for the job. My most useful quality is my determination and unwillingness to quit.
Not only will I set a good example inside of the school, I will make sure we show the community how good of a school we are and how far we’ve come.
Through my caring nature, I always take other’s feelings into consideration and I will make sure that everyone is treated fairly, and that all students get an equal opportunity to become “The best people they can be!”

Yours sincerely

 Daisy - Head Girl

Dear St Vincent’s,

Hello, my name is Daisy; I would like to be Head Girl because I will encourage everyone to follow the path of God.

I think I will be a great leader because throughout my eight years at this school I have been eco council twice and I have been a chaplain.
I think I have the skill to set a good example to everyone to do well in their learning.

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my friends, my family and my teachers and I think that it is important for you to have that support as well.
Thank you for your time,

Kindest regards,