Our Head Boy and Head Girl

Dexter - Head Boy

Dear St Vincent's

Please accept this letter as my application for the position of Head Boy at St Vincent School.

I feel proud to be part of the St Vincent's family and always try to model our core values of respect, compassion, co-operation, inspiration and perseverance in all that I do.

I think that I would be a good Head Boy because I am very determined, polite, always work hard, am a good listener and I care about others.

In my 7 years of being at this school I have been involved in many activities including representing the school in athletics, gymnastics, basketball, football and dance competitions which I really enjoyed.

In Years 3 and 4 I was elected School and Eco Councillor by my class mates. This was an exciting experience when thinking of how to make the school a better place.

I regularly attend Mass because I am a practising catholic. Also I have an understanding relationship with God which would help me to show our religion to others.

If I was lucky enough to get this opportunity I would try my best to honour the school and follow on in the footsteps of the previous Head Boy and Girl.

Thank you for your time.


 Chisom - Head Girl

Dear St Vincent's

Please accept this application for my interest in this position as the current role of Head Girl.

What made me apply for this role was because I’ve been in St Vincent's for about 7 years and I have really enjoyed going to this school. All the students and teachers are cheerful, gentle, divine and have even made me laugh many times. Next year I’ll be heading off to Secondary School and I want to make the best out of my last year here at St Vincent's. If I’m Head Girl I’d treat everyone with kindness and equality.

This to me is a huge opportunity to show how great of a leader I am and boost my confidence level even higher. I believe that this a role which requires patience, respect, care, the ability to work well in a team and make every students days at school more comfortable, enjoyable and to support the reputation of the school. As I am in Year 6, I’m so proud of the school and I’d like to represent it. The best way possible to do this is becoming Head Girl.

I know that I have what it takes to become Head Girl because I’m very bold, from when I was school Chaplin I grew self-assured and more confidence because we went round to many different classes and stood up in front of everyone, we also had a deep conversation with a group of children.

While I was a Chaplin in Year 5 I had faith in what I was doing and had the courage to lead a whole group. From that experience, I had developed more that quality. I am also very friendly and I’m not the type of person who picks on somebody or ignore them, normally I’m not mean or abusive and I treat all the teachers with the respect they need. For this desired position I think a pupil would need to have the ability to be a role model for entire school and have the skill to inspire their peers.

When I get chosen to be Head Girl I would represent the school with care and try not to let anyone down. I know that I’ll be a suitable role model for our school because firstly I always, always greet people with a warm smile. For example every morning, every day I’d always treat people very cheerfully and it actually makes me feel good about myself and I believe that that’s the way others feel as well. Secondly I don’t mess about too much, when it comes to work I always try to focus and get on. I’m also, in my opinion, quite organised. I like to make things neat and when it comes to designing and ordering things into their right places. I’m the girl to do that.

I hope this has given you a favourable consideration, I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards