Our Head Boy and Head Girl

 Saphron - Head Girl


Dear St Vincents

 My name is Saphron and I am happy to be your head girl.

I promise to listen and to deliver. I am very good with younger kids. If you have any problems you can always count on me to do my best to help you solve what’s happened.

I also have experience as I’ve been on the school council before. I’m very excited to get going because we have lost so much in the last 16 months due to Covid.  I want to help everyone smile again and show everyone how far our school has come. As it is my last year here I want to show how good this school really is.

Being head girl is a very important role to me as I’ve been looking forward to it since year 2. I’m a very loyal and kind person and you won’t regret voting for me. Some of you don’t know about me but I’m sure you can learn a lot about me, just ask and I will be right with you

Kind regards Saphron.

Jimmy - Head Boy

Hello St Vincent's,

I am Jimmy, but you can call me James and I am pleased to be your head boy. I have always been polite and caring to everyone; I’ve been on the school council more than twice and a chaplain twice.

I always try to “be the best I can be” and help others to do so. I’ve never failed to make others laugh when they are sad, I will be sad to leave St Vincent's, as I have gained many friends here. Anyway, I am good at management and I’m experienced in leadership roles like this one. I am confident when speaking in front of people and I think that because of this I could speak out for anyone who can’t.

I hope I can support you all, thanks for your time!