Our House Captains

Our House Captains play an important role in representing pupil’s views and ideas on how St. Vincent’s can become an even better school.

House System
Our school has four Houses:
St. Thérèse – Blue
St. Josephine – Yellow
St. Thomas More – Red
St. Stanislaus – Green

At the beginning of each academic year pupil in Year 6 present their manifesto to members of the junior members of their house and the children vote for one boy and one girl to be the captain of their House.

Children are placed into a House in the Spring term of Reception Class.

This year our House Captains are:

Our Y6 children presented short manifestos to the Y2-Y6 children in an effort to be selected as this year’s House Captains. Congratulations to the following children who will represent their House Teams this year.

St Stanislaus St Josephine St Thomas More St Thérèse
Iyesogie Annabel Sofia Daniel O
Joe Elisha Philip Ritchy