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A Letter from Miss O'Donnell

Dear Year 3,

Hi! I hope you are doing well and managing to adjust to a very different way of life. Doesn’t it feel strange? Everything is so quiet.

I am missing you all very much. I miss seeing your smiling faces each morning, listening to your ideas and questions, seeing you learn and enjoy learning and I’m even beginning to miss the noise!

But, even though we are apart in distance, we are still a team and can do things together and for one another. For example, each night I pray for you all. If you all pray for each other too, then for a few minutes each day we will be joined together in prayer and I think that’s really powerful!

During this strange time I am trying to find some positives each day. I’m making a list. Some of the things on my list at the moment are;

  • People are picking up books! Watching TV is great, but after a while it can get boring. I know lots of people who haven’t read for a very long time but are now picking up a book and enjoying reading again.
  • Going for a walk is a treat! We can easily take things for granted and I think going for a walk is one of those things that we might otherwise think is boring. But, now that we are only allowed outside for one walk/run a day, people are appreciating it so much more.
  • Kindness! I have heard of so many people who are demonstrating kindness in different ways. I have been helping out my neighbours by doing a bit of shopping for them.

I wonder if you have noticed any positives that I could add to my list? 

I hope you are all looking after yourselves and keeping your mind and body healthy. Try to do some exercise each day. Help out around the house. Limit your time on tablets/computers and pick up a book instead.

This isn’t ‘goodbye’ Year 3, it’s ‘see you soon’ and in the meantime, we can be united in hope and in prayer.

Take care, stay safe and stay positive.

Lots of love from

Miss O’Donnell

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