Year 4

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A Letter from Mrs Purkis

Dear Year 4,

How is everyone doing with their learning at home?  Can you tell me anything new that you have learnt?

I am on day 2 of homeschooling Sophie and Jessica; we have been doing lots of counting and learning our sounds.  We are going on a shape hunt this afternoon and baking some cakes tomorrow.  We have also been enjoying the sunshine in our garden with the girls going down their slides.  We start every morning with a PE session with Joe Wicks, have any of you been doing this on YouTube too?  I did it yesterday with Sophie and have to say it is a lot of fun.

I’m interested to know some of the things that you have been doing while you have been off, have you been using purple mash? Times table rock stars?  The main thing is I hope you are all staying safe indoors with your families making sure we can stop this virus and return to school as soon as possible and you can all fill me in on the fun things that you got up to on your time away from school.

Hope to see you all VERY soon

Mrs Purkis

Home Learning

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Project 2 - Vikings

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