Year 5

Welcome to Year 5. Our teacher is Miss Gilligan. Our support staff are Mrs Hearne, Mrs Wilkins (1:1) and Mrs Kola (1:1). 

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Year 5 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 5; I look forward to the year that is ahead of us at St. Vincent’s! Below is some information on what we will be learning about this term. At the beginning of the term, each child will be assessed, and individual next steps will be planned accordingly. The broad areas of study are listed below.

Thank you.


This term, we are studying: Number and place value (Numbers to 1000000), calculations (Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; word problems) and Statistics (Graphs).


Our texts this term are: The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy, where we will consider author intent through use of language, inspiring authentic pieces of writing; The Just So stories, by Rudyard Kipling, which explore imaginative use of language and narrative structure; Love that Dog, a narrative poem by Sharon Creech, which explores the differences between prose and poetry.


This term we are learning about Earth and Space.


This term our topic is Pharoahs, in which we will learn about Ancient Egypt. We will be learning about the civilisation, through studying artefacts and archives of information. We will be creating Egyptian objects using mixed materials and studying maps for the human and physical features of the area.

RE This term we are learning about Ourselves (Created in the image and likeness of loving God), Life choices (Marriage, commitment and service) and Hope (Waiting in joyful hope for Jesus, the promised one).  An RE newsletter will be sent separately.