Year 6


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A Letter from Mrs Scargill

Dear Year 6,

I hope you are all feeling well and looking after yourselves. I know we are going through a very strange time at the moment, but you must remember we are in this together. I have always said Year 6 is like a family and I really do believe that, and that mind-set will help us through this tough time.

Some of you will see this as a time to do nothing but play computer games, and I could be tempted to do the same (not games just rubbish TV), but we have worked too hard and achieved too much to give in to that temptation. I am asking you to do learn something new each day. A little of the maths and English I have sent home and try one of the home learning tasks.

Look at your class photo from your envelope, place it on the wall of where you work this will remind you what a great team we are and then Mrs Deere, Mrs Yetton and I will be watching over you, making sure you are working hard.

As time passes I will be sending home more work for you to complete, there are many online resources that are free and as you know you will be better at working them out than me.  Find out something that you are interested in, amaze me with your new knowledge when we next see each other.

Mrs Yetton, Mrs Deere and I are all thinking of all of you. We hope you all keep safe and look forward to when we can spend time (work hard) together again.

God Bless

Mrs Scargill

Mrs Deere &

Mrs Yetton

Home Learning

Project 1 - Frozen Kingdom!

 Home Learning Sharing Board - Project 1


Project 2 - Hola Mexico